Sangola Agreement

But Governor General Warren Hastings rejected the Treaty of Purandhar and supported the cause of the Bombay government. The army of the English government of Bombay was severely defeated by the Marathas and was forced to sign the humble Wodgaon Agreement (1779 AD). After that, Ramraja worked closely with the Peshwa. In 1750, Ramraja signed the famous Sangola Agreement, reducing the Peshwa to greater authority and reducing himself to the rank of titular king. This was done in exchange for pursuing his rights as a chatrapati and protecting against Tarabai and their affairs. On the other hand, the Marathas refused to leave Delhi unless the emperor and his Wazir respected their agreement and paid them the promised 5,000,000 rupees. When this could not be arranged, the Marathas plundered Delhi freely. The Dhyan Mandir of Shri Brahma Chaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj is about 0.5 km from Sangole, on the Wadegaon Road. Aalegon, which is 16 km in the direction of Gherdi, is also known for Shri. Siddhanth Temple, which has the history of the Emperor of Adhilashah, This temple is known for its popularity throughout the sangole region and nearby localities. Other temples in the area are the Mhasoba Mandir in Sangole, shree Siddhanath temple in Alegaon (16 km from Sangole) and Satvai Devi Mandir in Pujarwadi. A famous Bhawangiri Maharaj Temple is located in Shirbhavi Village, 16 km from Sangola.

It was built around 1224. Bhawangiri Maharaj took jivant samadhi to sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. And their water treatment center, which gives drinking water to 81 villages for drinking water supply. By this time, the Peshwars had lost their influence over their powerful leaders and the Maratha Empire had become the confederation of five Maratha chiefs. Among them, the Sinias and the Holkars were sworn enemies of the other. Peshwa Baji Rao II reached an agreement with Daulat Rao Sindia against Yashwant Rao Holkar. Warren Hastings refused to accept this agreement and sent a large bengal army, under Goddard`s command, which conquered Ahmedabad and Bassein in 1780 AD. But Goddard was defeated by the Marathas in 1781 AD. .