Enfield Planning Performance Agreement

You must also indicate a pre-application fee. Information on the fees charged for our pre-application planning advice can be found in our current pricing plan (PDF). It is a free service that provides owners with informal advice for simple planning requests, either by phone or in person at a 20-minute appointment. As a result, public servants cannot give guarantees as to the final decision on a plan request. The planner will review your application and contact it if necessary to agree to a telephone conversation. We believe that the use of performance planning agreements in Islington allows for the best results for all, and we strongly encourage their use. At the end of the page, you will find three PPA models that cover the pre-application phase, the planning phase and the post-decision decision phase. Send your information to planning@camden.gov.uk. Once we have received your fees, a planning officer will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail. You can seek advice from the planning team before submitting a formal application. The board is policy-based, and we will not be able to tell you whether your proposal will be successful or not.

Perhaps we can give you some advice on how to make your proposal more acceptable. A planning performance agreement certainly helps to transform a large demand into an agreed timetable with meetings in order to resolve the problems encountered during the application process; signing a planning performance agreement between the applicant and the local planning authority does not affect the outcome of a planning request and does not provide a guarantee for the building permit. Performance planning agreements are essentially a project management process and instrument designed to improve the quality of key planning applications and improve security and transparency in the development of major projects, the evaluation of planning applications and the decision-making process. Performance agreement planning defines an approach that adopts a development proposal ranging from design to implementation. These are voluntary agreements between candidates and local planning authorities that help: if a planning request for a major development proposal is submitted without a planning performance agreement, it is defined without a prolonged dialogue on these rules. Planning Performance Agreements (AAAs) allow for a more personalized project management approach for inclusion, negotiation and definition of planning requests and to go through this process outside the 13-week legal deadline.