Westchester Community College Articulation Agreements

The Fashion Institute of Technology has transfer agreements with schools on this list. Students who are interested in a move to the FIT are encouraged to speak with a home school transfer counsellor. Students: Although you don`t see a transfer contract for your program of study, you can move to a university of interest, contact your transfer advisor for help. This articulation agreement allows students to apply for FIT licensing courses in: Direct and Interactive Marketing, herkimers A.A.S. students of Business Fashion Buying and Merchandising who have a GPA of 3.0; Entrepreneurship The development of domestic products International Trade and Marketing or Production Management. In the event of admission, students are admitted as a junior (fifth semester) and can obtain their bachelor`s degree in at least two years. Approved April 19, 2016 If this is the case, ask your associate college to send the official copy of your course to the New York Tech Office of Admissions. Make sure the transcript reflects the course, credit and grade earned, so that the transfer credit class can be accurately accounted for. To help you get ahead of your graduation, we`ll consider the college courses you completed in high school for transfer credits. If you have taken university courses on a university campus or high school under sponsorship, check out our standard transfer criteria to the New York Tech Catalog and see if your classes are covered by our guidelines. New York Tech offers a generous transfer credit acceptance policy, which includes not only college courses at Westchester Community College, but also prior knowledge and life experiences, as well as advanced internships and university courses in high school. After registration, our transfer evaluations department reviews your transcripts and prepares a personalized and personalized assessment of the credits that apply to your major. To view transfer agreements by institution, visit the Transfer/Joint Agreements page where you have acquired knowledge inside and outside the classroom.

For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to obtain college credits based on relevant academic knowledge, military and personnel experience and a portfolio review. Joint agreements are agreements between a community school and a four-year college, designed to provide students with information about the courses they should take at the end of their degree and the courses required after the transfer. The articulation agreement between the Fashion Institute of Technology and Bergen Community College allows students and graduates of the mountain fashion design, A.A.S. program, to apply for FIT`s technical design degree. In the event of admission, students are admitted as a junior (fifth semester) and can obtain their bachelor`s degree in at least two years. Graduates of Bergen`s Fashion Apparel Design program must take a 3-credit course designed to meet the SUNY general education requirement for science, and a 3-credit course in one of the following categories for general education: social sciences, Western civilization, Arts, Letters, Foreign Languages, Other World Civilizations or Foreign Languages, before enrolling in the Tech Design curriculum. January 9, 2019 to June 1, 2020 For students benefiting from the Guaranteed Admission Agreement, Marymount Manhattan College waives our lower education requirements in the general program (24 out of 42 credits are cancelled).) These include math and writing classes. All students will also be at Marymount Manhattan College with junior.