Lyft Terms Of Agreement

Unless provided for in Section 17, this agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California, regardless of the principles of legal choice. This provision of choice serves only to use California law to interpret this Agreement and is not intended to create another material right for non-Californians, to make claims under California law, whether by law, common law or otherwise. If a provision of this agreement is inoperative or non-binding, the parties remain bound by all other provisions of this agreement. In this case, the parties replace the invalid or invalid provision with provisions that are valid and binding and which, given the content and purpose of this agreement, have an effect similar to that of the ineffective or non-binding provision. You agree that the agreement and all registered agreements can be automatically ceded by Lyft, at our sole discretion, by communicating it to you. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all notifications addressed to Lyft are requested by certified mail, Porto Prepaid and confirmation return to Lyft, Inc., 548 Market Street, #68514 San Francisco, CA 94104. All messages will be sent to you via the Lyft platform or via the email or physical address you provide to Lyft during the registration process. Titles are used only for reference purposes and do not define, limit, construct or in any way describe the scope or scope of such a section. The words “include,” “include” and “include” are followed by the words “unrestricted.” The inaction of one party with respect to a violation of the other party does not constitute a waiver of the party`s right of action with respect to subsequent or similar violations. This agreement defines the entire agreement between you and Lyft with respect to the purpose of this Agreement and replaces all previous written or written agreements between the parties. Just receive a notification of lyft s updates that said that if I wanted to keep rolling, I had to accept the new conditions.

After reading, I find that the most important change in the terms and conditions is that it says that we can no longer participate in a class action, and if we have problems with lyft there, we have to do it with them or above a lawyer to bring a lawsuit.