Autodesk Eba Agreement

These conditions, including the declaration of confidentiality, any additional agreement and all special conditions (which are included in these conditions) constitute the entire agreement between you and Autodesk (and merge and prohibit all agreements, discussions, communications, assurances, guarantees, advertisements or prior or simultaneous agreements) relating to the purpose of this Agreement. This is another global agreement with design software developers – previously Tebodin had signed a contract with Aveva. “The agreement is a big step forward. It allows us to continue to optimize our design performance and gives us a head start, as we will always work in the latest versions of the software. Around the world, we have access to a portfolio of products in development,” comments Aleksandr Nikitin, BIM Director. We may offer translations or services in the language of the country, if necessary, at the full discretion of Autodesk. The English version of this contract or related documents are legally binding and are checked for inconsistencies between the English version and the local language service or translation. You also acknowledge and accept that Autodesk may add or change the terms of these Business Success terms from time to time, provided that Autodesk provides written notice of additions or changes before the additions or modifications are effective for you. Notifications of changes, changes or changes can be made by email, Autodesk account or any other means deemed appropriate by Autodesk. If you do not accept these revisions, you must notify Autodesk in writing within 30 days of Autodesk`s notification date. If you notify Autodesk, your existing Enterprise Success programs will continue to be subject to the latest version of The Enterprise Success Terms that you have accepted (including all accepted assumptions) until the end of your current execution period (if you have paid all fees for the entire duration), and at the end of that period, that contract will expire. If you don`t inform Autodesk, if you don`t give up or renew new orders for Enterprise Success Programs, you`re supposed to have accepted such revisions for all Success enterprise programs.